Last changed: March 22, 2009 privacy policy

Q: What kind of information is collected?

A: The web site asks that users enter a location (either city, county, or zip code) and displays information about the searched for location. The user may enter their own location, or any other location they wish.

For statistical purposes we track the number of searches and what locations were searched for by an individual user. A typical user will search a number of different locations (their location, their friend's location, their family member's location, and / or major cities) Determining which search (if any) was for their location would be difficult. However, it is conceivable that a user's location could be discovered. The location can only be narrowed down to a city, county, or a zip code, and as such does not constitute what is typically considered "personally identifiable information".

The web site also allows users to enter their e-mail address to join a mailing list. The main goal of the mailing list is to notify users of new features of this web site, or new web sites created by the creator of this site.

Further, our third-party advertisers collect certain information when they send their ads to your computer. This information is subject to the privacy policies of the individual advertiser. We have no ability to control what our advertisers do with any data collected. We do not share e-mail addresses or individual user search data with any of our advertisers. More information about our advertisers and their policies may be found below.

Q: With whom do you share your data?

A: We do not share search data of individual users or e-mail addresses with anyone, nor do we intend to start.

We do allow users to look at statistics based on the aggregate of all searches. Information such as the most popular location searched for by all users is available. There is no way to single out the information of one particular user from this data.

Q: How long do you retain data?

A: Raw log files, including IP address, operating system, browser type, and other information are kept for a 7 day period. At the end of the period they are aggregated into a format that makes discovering any information identifiable to a single user very difficult -- if not impossible.

Logs, individual searches, are processed approximately weekly. During processing data connecting individual users to a particular search is removed.

A: We currently use a third-party ad network. We put code on our pages and they sell, select, and send the ads to your computer. During this process they may collect some information about you, including but not limited to: IP, geographic location as determined by IP, the url of the page you are visiting, and certain interest-based information relating to the topic of our site. Our advertisers are:

  1. Google Adsense (Privacy Policy)

Information about opting out of data collection can be found in each of their privacy policies.

Q: Is this the final version of your privacy policy?

A: Probably not. Like most things on this site, our privacy policy is a work in progress. We will likely revise the privacy policy at some point. Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted here. We do not, however, anticipate any changes in the core values of this privacy policy.