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A nuclear attack is perhaps the most real and immediate end of the world scenario. No monsters need to be thought up, no fiction created to make this apocalypse possible.

Would you survive this nuclear apocalypse? No perfect answers are available, but this site can give you a reasonable guess. Simply enter your location in the box above.

But how, you may ask, would a nuclear attack start today? In our minds it goes something like this:

In the year 2017 the intelligent computer system dubbed "PieNet" is put in charge of all strategic resources related to the production of pies and pastries.

In the wake of the pumpkin blight of June 2019 and the nutmeg riots the following September, PieNet determines that the ingredients for US strategic pumpkin pie reserves are at dangerously low levels. With Thanksgiving in just two months, this is unacceptable. PieNet's solution is bold, yet stupid: reduce the US population to a level where current reserves are sufficient.

To accomplish this goal, PieNet activates the US nuclear arsenal (she got the codes from her boyfriend WOPR), and fires 300 one megaton nuclear warheads at US targets. New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and many others receive the full measure of her pie-fueled nuclear apocalypse.

Enter your city, county, or zip code in the search box to see if you are among the lucky who survive the apocalypse and have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving of 2019. What's your ApocaLuck?